2Gen Programs Working With Immigrant Families


Valley Settlement listens to Latina families, and together we create opportunities for early childhood and adult education, connection, and growth, so children and families can thrive.


We envision an equitable and inclusive community that nurtures cultural connection and a sense of belonging so all can reach their full potential.

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2Gen Programs

Our programs are constantly evolving and responding to community needs. We launched our initial programs after a year-long listening phase, and the learning didn’t stop there. We currently serve the community with a diverse network of six programs.



We owe it to you, our donors, our supporters, and the public, to evaluate the efficacy of our work. Valley Settlement rigorously evaluates each program and carefully analyzes qualitative and quantitative data for fast-cycle program iteration.


Why 2Gen?

We believe that children cannot thrive while their parents struggle. We administer our programs through a two-generation lens to support whole families and encourage responsive relationships.


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