What would you do with a second chance at your education? Would you pursue a different career? Would you invest more time in one of your closely-held passions? A new start might open new doors, forge new pathways, and bring you to a completely different place in life.

For our Lifelong Learners, this second chance isn’t just a thought experiment – it’s a reality. Many of our adult students have spent very little time in the classroom, instead gathering skills and strengths in the real world. Now as their children make their way through the public school system, these caring parents want the tools to best support their children’s education.

Enter program manager, Alejandra Magaña, and the dedicated teachers and coordinators who make up the Lifelong Learning team. Every week, they provide accessible educational experiences focused on teaching parents and other adults the tools they need to thrive in our community. Classes are in Spanish, and babysitters are provided so child care is not a barrier to participation.

Computer classes teach real-world skills like how to create a family budget in excel, how to design advertisements for a small business, or how to obtain an email address. Our English teachers coach students in their language skills, readying them for more advanced classes at Colorado Mountain College. In Spanish Language Arts, students deepen their knowledge of their native language, improving their writing and supporting the acquisition of English. Math classes teach parents the same methods their children learn in school, making it possible to help with homework, and laying the groundwork for parents to attain the GED.

Here is what students are saying about the program and our phenomenal leaders and teachers:

“I gained a family – and I found a job. I remember that they helped me with my interview. Today, I have my own job and I employ others. They motivated me to have dreams.”

“Getting involved has helped me develop relationships and connections in the community. Because of the classes I took in English, computer science, nutrition and leadership, now I have more freedom of expression and no fear to express myself with people.”

“I have gained a lot of self-confidence. I have developed my English and I understand my kids better now. I interact more with them and their friends.”