Nancy Reinisch was a beloved member of our community and a longtime supporter of Valley Settlement. We celebrate and remember her life as a testimony to the power of love, family, community and resilience.

Nancy Rae Reinisch was a powerhouse. The 2-time breast cancer survivor competed in triathlons for more than half of her life. In 2018, she successfully completed her 100th Triathlon, and used the occasion to raise money for Valley Settlement’s emergency response to the Lake Christine fire. Sadly, Nancy succumbed to cancer in February 2019. We remember her with this conversation about her 100th Triathlon and her compassion for the more vulnerable members of our community.

“I realize that cancer is only one of a million different challenges and adversities that people have to endure in their lives. Our exact challenges may be different but our emotions are the same. We feel afraid, confused, mad, sad, desperate, discouraged. Those same emotions were happening to all the folks affected by the Lake Christine Fire last fall. I hoped I could do something helpful for Valley Settlement while raising money and motivation to cross my 100th finish line.

My Roaring Fork Women’s Tri Team were all there at the race and they made a huge finish line banner for me. All the yelling and whooping made me feel like a million bucks. I was so proud of myself and was hopeful that I might be a role model for others suffering adversity. The phrase, ‘put one foot in front of the other’ is truly the best mantra for getting through life’s ups and downs.

Valley Settlement works from a community centered model where you ‘see one, learn one and then teach one.’ Your volunteers know best what their neighbors and community needs and they have stepped up to serve. I think that is wonderful! At this time in our country where there remains lots of negativity towards immigrants, Valley Settlement is a diamond in the rough program that promotes positivity.”

Read more about Nancy’s incredible impact on the community in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

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