Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Valley Settlement staff and participants work together in six 2Gen programs that strengthen parenting skills, promote school readiness, build protective factors, advance leadership skills, and bolster maternal mental health. In all that we do, we center the voices, experiences, and perspectives of the Latina/o community we work with. This approach is intentionally embedded in our program development and management, our organizational practices, and how we work in and with community.



Valley Settlement listens to Latina families, and together we create opportunities for early childhood and adult education, connection, and growth, so children and families can thrive.



We envision an equitable and inclusive community that nurtures cultural connections and a sense of belonging so all can reach their full potential.




We are an organization that will always listen first. We listen with empathy and open hearts, to truly understand others’ perspectives and lived experiences.

Trusting Relationships

We strive to build strong and lasting relationships where each person feels safe, respected, and valued.

Equity and Inclusion

We approach each decision as an opportunity to hear the voices of all who may be impacted, and work to co-create solutions together. We strive to ensure that the imbalances, biases, structural barriers, and historical realities that persist in our society are identified and overcome in our work.

Education and Growth

We know education unlocks endless potential for growth and believe it should be shared freely.

Commitment to Community

Our stories are intertwined with the fabric of our community. We give the best of ourselves to our work, embracing the challenges, triumphs, and histories within each family we work with.


We engage in an intentional and thoughtful process to pause, reflect on, and learn from our experiences, changing course when needed.

Leading with Integrity

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our guiding principles, acting with consistency, transparency, and honesty.