Learning with Love

Parent-child classes and home visitation to build a strong foundation

Learning with Love is hybrid model of group classes and home visitation using the evidence-based Parents As Teachers curriculum. Forty-eight parents and their toddlers receive 14 contact hours/month with our early childhood educators. Classes focus on building routines, fostering social-emotional, language and cognitive development, honing fine and gross motor skills, and beginning to work with numbers. 

Parent/child classes and home visitation for children 0-3

Home visits and social network-building: our “special sauce”


Learning with Love classes take place in neighborhoods, and are co-located with El Busesito Preschool. Each class brings 8 parent/toddler pairs together to focus on building routines, creating activities that promote child development across the five domains: social-emotional, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive development. Home visits provide parents with one-on-one support for their child’s individual developmental needs. Group classes build social networks in neighborhoods, strengthening relationships between new parents. Home visits provide individualized coaching and attention. This combination is the special sauce that makes the program so effective.


Learning and growing, together

The 2Gen approach provides new parents with a strong foundation for encouraging child development and continuing to be involved in their children’s education for years to come. Parents and toddlers learn and grow together, fostering responsive relationships.


Demonstrated Impact

Parents in Learning with Love report an increase sense of parenting competence, a decrease in perceived stress, and increased feelings related to self-esteem. They also report that they feel more integrated in their community, and use more community resources due to program participation.



We utilize FocusedKids methods to teach parents, students, and teachers mindfulness and self-regulation skills. Students learn about parts of the brain and how to express emotions in ways that are constructive and healthy.